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Product Photography

We make it easy for you to get your high-quality, e-commerce-ready photographs professionally done.

Product photography needs know-how, experience and a studio-grade set up to execute properly. We ensure you’re satisfied with your product images and they are at the highest industry standard. Place your order today! All you need to do is complete a Request for Quote which you can use to tell us about the product(s), what it’s about and exactly what you need or have in mind. After you submit your RFQ to us, we will evaluate it and give you an estimate. If you accept our estimate you will receive an email confirmation and details to where you need to ship your item(s).  We accept packages from every major courier services including DHL, Courier Guy, Skynet. Alternatively, if you are close to our studio, you can directly drop your items to us.

Our top product photographers will shoot your products to give them the snap, crackle & pop they need to catch your customer's eye. Photographing your product(s) is half the task, we will take them through a rigorous post-production process where they will be reviewed & improved. After we have meticulously completed the photography and post-production phase, it’s time for you to review your photos. We will send you review quality images of your products. After you have reviewed your photos, and are satisfied you will receive your high-resolution, professional product photos suitable for design and print along with minified PNG files suitable for email sharing and use on Amazon, e-commerce stores, google shopping, Alibaba and more.

It’s important to keep this process simple and to-the-point!


The importance of product photography in e-commerce

E-commerce websites need high-quality and professional product photography! If your web store or distribution platform (Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay) has low-quality, unattractive photos of your products, the customer would steer clear, even if your product is the best in the market or has the best-written description imaginable. Customers today use online sources 27/7/365 and they expect to see the product online in a variety of quality images. Therefore it is important to stand out from your competitor with quality images of your product especially if you are selling a product sold many other places online. 

Conveying a message to your customers

Online stores often lack a personal touch, interaction with the product and knowledgeable salesperson that have driven good brick and mortar business for generations. Meaning to sell online you need to build a first-class user experience that gives the customer what they want when they want it. Product photography conveys more information about a product than the best imaginable description, at times. Customers will extract more information and at a greater speed from product photography for example size of the product, quality, colour, construction even the professionalism of the online store & product build. This visual information influences the purchasing decisions in a big way. It is, for this reason, we believe videos and photos are the best way of letting the customer know about your product.

Give customers something attractive to see

Savvy customers nowadays wade through different resources on the internet before making a product purchase. Possibly going through tons of different photos, videos and articles before buying anything. Images that put the product into context helps the customers to visualise their life with that product. If your web store has the complete information your customer needs, they won’t need to go to the next online store. High-quality product images are a-top the consumer's list of musts along with price & user experience specifically the ability to purchase with ease and reliability.

You generate the trust of the customer's with our photographic skills

Minimalist, fluid photography – we provide photography that focuses on capturing the essence of your product; instead of putting it in improbable scenarios, we photograph your products which simplistically captures detail.

Context of the image – backgrounds are relevant. This point adds to the previous point of minimalist photography; your product will be the focus of the photo and the background will simply add to its importance.

Editing phase – editing is a major part of product photography. No matter how amazing photos we capture at our professional studio, the image needs to go through a post-processing phase where it is highlighted and given details, finishing touches and more.

Product photography is an investment that pays off

Product photography is an investment that pays off

We are a professional studio that does product photography for major retailers, web store owners, small and medium businesses and more. We have worked with many business owners, small and large and helped them drive sales through our professional image-making work. Instead of relying solely on your product description and reviews, you will get a massive edge in getting customers, driving sales and making a reputation for your product.

Help us get your web store the boost it needs, with high-quality, professionally captured and edited product photos.

Large products or small, we do them all

No project is too big or too small for us; we are fully equipped to handle large projects as well as small ones. WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE – all of our product photography services have been crafted to make your customers go ‘WOW’, no matter the scale of your project, we will deliver quality.

Contact us today so we can get started

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