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Creative Video Advertising

TV commercials, social media content, and website based video content is a huge part of the marketing strategy recommended to business owners by marketing agencies worldwide.

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Legal Video Services

Video is one of the most effective ways to bring a court judgement to your favour. Lawyers call upon us to tidy up video footage, documents events that can be admissible in court.

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Special Occasions

Our Video producers have an affinity towards recording life events weddings, functions or family events. Capturing those special moments for you to enjoy again in years to come.

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It is common knowledge that there are different types of highly trained specialized professionals out there, with years of experience in their respective fields, for example in your business supply chain contractor, marketing agency, market research etc. Each specialisation effectively builds business revenue when the focus remains squarely on the client. Be-Art Photography does this through our industry of visual storytelling through video production.

Our professionals have been in the business for years giving them a variety of videography skils from a different genre. Be-Art Photography always ensures we have a clear understanding of the clients end-goals with any video production undertaken by us. Success is tied to those around you, therefore, our success is your success! You need to have a great video production strategy that targets the intended audience which helps you in marketing your product, service or your business in a way that is profitable.

Creative Video for Advertising

Video production is amongst the most influential sectors in the advertising industry today. The move from legacy television broadcasting to internet Technologies keeps reshaping the face of advertising business & products nearly every month. Until recently, video production was out of reach to most companies as the only method of distribution was costly broadcasting exclusively for those with substantial cash to spare. But today, the internet has reduced barriers to entry and video production has become a necessity of all successful business.

If you need some good marketing, we create audience-targeted ads which are in line with the wishes of our client and the current trends. Using the theme given to us, we create a video content which is tenfold profitable. Be-Art Photography has worked with many clients directly and indirectly through marketing agencies with great success. Creating a broad range of video content delivered for traditional TV broadcast and social media campaigns. Here are some projects we have worked on.

Legal Video Services

Our digital documenting services are ideal for legal proceedings. Through the use of visual and auditory technology we can produce a record that is admissible in court for the resolution of your case. We provide exceptional service and deliver a high-quality digital product at a fair price. From the very first video deposition to resolution by trial, mediation or settlement proceedings, we can assist.

Special Occasions

Our name Be-Art Photography is both a play on the last name of the founder and a belief that the world around us especially the everyday and mundane routine has beautiful poetry that should be captured to remember. The most common events to capture for posterity is the big life events including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, family gatherings.

Our service process is specialised and highly professional, done with the highest degree of care and backed up by due research, accurate facts & appropriate pricing. We create our content based on what type of contents runs successfully, how they work and what doesn’t work, all kept in mind from our existing and past clientele.

What is our end goal? It’s pretty simple. Our clients need a video representation of their businesses or establishments to promote and advertise them. We make content for them which, by invoking the viewer's imagination, attract more business for our customers.