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We are a family orientated business so you can be assured of great teamwork and reliability on your special day allowing you to relax and celebrate with friends and family.

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Wedding Photography
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Wedding Videography
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Cape Town is a destination wedding location! If your dream wedding includes serene and powerful scenic locations, then, Cape Town and the Greater Westen Cape province of South Africa is for you! There are thousands of stunning locations to choose from and we look forward to photographing the happy couple in Cape Town. Be-Art Photography believes in professionalism, first and foremost. We are committed to delivering you top-notch, quality photos of the highest standards. We’ll make sure your wedding photos shine with a reflection of the people and what they are all about. With a deep understanding of colors, lighting and contrast mixed with a professional’s sincerity, we will bring a sparkle to your wedding. We are proud of our work and we are happy to bring hundreds of wedding photos the joy they deserve.

We happily work with both large and lavish weddings as well as weddings that are smaller and low budget. We don’t discriminate and provide top-notch work in all cases. Telling us what kind of "look" you want to achieve - things we can't do are very rare! If anything, we welcome new challenges and work hard to make each collection unique and memorable. Our photographers have a passion to capture people ‘in the moment’. Our expert photographers have experience of years in the field which have covered hundreds of events from a range of size and genre. 

We're Ready to Travel

We are based in Cape Town, South Africa. However, we are willing to travel to your required destination for your wedding. Our photographers have experience in destination photography; with dozens of events successfully covered, you will receive top-notch quality everywhere you ask us to go. Don’t hesitate to consult with us; we are more than happy to oblige you whatever wedding destinations you ask us to go to. Call us or message us through the contact us page.  

Production Process

It’s important to find that perfect balance of lighting, that perfect smile, that perfect look at your new husband. We carefully review and select the best photographs that are captured by our photographers. The selection will then undergo exposure and composition improvements to develop upon the work of the photographer in the field. This often includes exposure, crop, lens distortion and more. A selection of images will be sent to the client for review after which further digital improvements can take place should they be required. Additional work may take place as described in the specific wedding photography package purchased. 

Let's Work Together

Each quotation is detailed and tailored to your specific needs! In order to make the offer possible, we need your wedding date, location, event start and end time, time required for photographer to be present along with any additional information that will make out quotation accurate. By choosing Be-Art Photography to be your photography and video service provider, you can rest assured that your day is being photographed by an extremely capable person with years of experience.